Coaching Programs

If you want to change your life with apartment building investing, then the single most important thing you need to do is to focus on your first deal.

And in order to do your first deal, you’ll need to do three things:

  1. Acquire Knowledge
  2. Take Action
  3. Get Ongoing Support

You can knock out item # 1 by investing in the Ultimate Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings course — but what about the other two?

Let me ask you this:

  • Who’s going to keep you accountable to keep moving forward and taking action?
  • Who’s going to keep you going in a few weeks from now when your enthusiasm begins to wane and status quo threatens to pull you back to your previous life?
  • Who’s going to help you when you need help with the analysis, raising money, negotiating a deal or doing due diligence?
  • Who are you going to turn to for support?

As a coaching student, you’ll work directly with one of my team coaches who’s replaced their income with apartment buildings. They’ve already done what you want to do, which is to become financially free. In addition to providing their own experience, they’ve been trained in my unique 12-month training program designed to help you do your first deal so that you can become financially free in the next 3-5 years.

You can choose from a group setting or, if you prefer the personal attention, there’s one-on-one coaching. We also offer coaching-by-the-hour if that’s what would help you most right now. 

Just a word of warning though …

We don’t accept everyone into the program. We’re looking for action takers, who are willing to do the work. Someone who REALLY wants to change his or her life. If that’s you, then continue reading below and schedule a free strategy call with us.

The Coaching Team

Brad Tacia

Brad Tacia


Brad was an engineering manager for a car parts manufacturer and saw many of his friends lose their jobs in the recession. He was working 50+ hours per week and had to explain to his daughter each night that he had to work the next day. He wanted to quit his job with real estate and began pursuing a single family rental strategy. He determined it would take too long and decided to switch to multifamily.

He then did 3 deals totaling 87 units and covered his living expenses. Total elapsed time? Just under two years. Since then, he’s accumulated a total of 160 units and is looking for more. He shares Michael’s passion about helping others do their first deal so that they, too, can become financially free like Brad did.

Learn More About Brad.

Drew Kniffin

Drew Kniffin


Drew became the accidental landlord when he couldn’t sell his condo in 2008 and rented it instead. That’s when he realized the power of real estate and hatched a plan to quit his job. He dabbled with a few rentals over the years but was frustrated with how slow the progress was.

New Year’s Eve of 2014 he decided to get started with small multifamily buildings. In just 8 months (and 3 deals later), he had covered his living expenses and quit his job. Today he controls over 188 units and doesn’t see himself slowing down.

He’s super excited to help others do their first deal and became financially free like he was able to do.

Learn More About Drew.

Josh Sterling

Josh Sterling


Josh landed what he believed was his dream job as a pilot quickly after graduating college. Thinking he was on the right path, Josh was shocked to hear of a brutal corporate downsizing within his company that would cut his salary by 50%. Knowing he needed to supplement his income in a huge way, he started to invest in single-family homes beginning in 2009. He soon found himself stretched a bit too thin when his portfolio rapidly grew to include close to 25 properties.

He knew he would need to grow not only bigger, but smarter if he was to continue in real estate investment.  In 2012 he delved into multifamily and discovered the secret to living with more freedom by quitting his traditional job with his supplemented income.

Josh now enjoys his true dream job and life which has inspired him to assist others in doing the same.

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Coaching Options

Review the program in detail below, and if you’re interested, click one of the buttons to schedule a free strategy session. During the call, we can determine if it makes sense to work together.